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Tally Ho at Hollow Tree, 1898. Photo: Vancouver Archives Trans P22

Women’s History Tours
1. The Women of Stanley Park, 1860-1914
2. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake Stanley Park Tour
3. The Women of English Bay Historical Walking Tour
4. Women West of Denman Historical Walking Tour
5. The Women East of Denman Historical Walking Tour (tba)
6.. Freedom of Mobility: Women Sports and Recreation in Stanley Park Tour
7. Historic Gardens of Stanley Park & Womens Stories Tour

Other West End & Stanley Park Historical Walking Tours (plenty of women’s history is featured all in the below tours)
1. Stanley Park’s Secrets
2. Protests, Rallies and Demonstrations in Stanley Park: a Historical Perspective
3. Brockton Point’s Secrets
4. Lost Lagoon Secrets
5. Lumbermen’s Arch Secrets
6. Ferguson Point’s Secrets
7. The History of the Stanley Park Zoo Tour
8. Old Money: West of Denman Historical Walking Tour
9. Stanley Park Businesses Historical Walking Tour
10. Historic Gardens of Stanley Park
11. Military History of Stanley Park
12. Shakespeare and Rose Garden Historical Walking Tour
13. Where the Park Meets the City
14. The Environmental History of Stanley Park
15. Historical Trails of Stanley Park
16. Horse History of Stanley Park: Horse Tales & Bridle Trails
17. Final Resting Places: Stanley Park Stories
18. From Whoi Whoi to Chaythoos, 1870-1970
19. The Remarkable History of English Bay
20. Stanley Park History 101