CPR engine #374 & the Miniature Railway


Photo: City of Vancouver Archvies, May 23, 1887. Caption: “Engine [374] of First [C.P.R. Passenger] Train [to arrive in Vancouver].” Can P6

In 1962, Typhoon Freda took down 3,000 trees in Stanley Park. Forty cars were trapped on the causeway that night and one woman died. The storm cleared an area that became home to the park’s second Miniature Railway. One of the four train engines is a replica of CPR engine #374, the first train into Vancouver on May 23, 1887. Today, the original full sized engine sits next to Yaletown’s Round House Community Centre in the Engine 374 Pavilion.

Deer Paddock

Photo: City of Vancouver Archives, 1916?. Caption: “People viewing deer in paddock near lumbermen’s Arch, Stanley Park.” SGN 1594

In the 1850’s some of the indigenous animals roaming freely in Stanley Park included; deer, bears, lynx, cougars, wolves and elk. Elk disappeared by the 1860’s as they were hunted by Gold Rush miners as a food source. Some the smaller animals were; porcupine, snowshoe hare, skunk, beaver, weasel, muskrat and the Douglas squirrel (not the grey squirrel). Like in the Joni Mitchell song, Big Yellow Taxi, where trees have been cut down and put in a tree museum, in this photo the local deer have been corralled and confined in a zoo like paddock enclosure. This paddock was built in 1905 at Whoi Whoi/Lumberman’s Arch.