Herons in Stanley Park

Vancouver Parks Board News Release March 7 , 2011 – “For the eleventh consecutive year, herons have returned to nest in the large colony located in the trees that tower above the Park Board’s Administrative Offices and the tennis courts. Last year, the herons occupied 124 nests and produced more than 120 fledglings by the end of the season, which is sometimes as late as September, down from the previous year of 145 nests and 175 fledglings.The Pacific great blue heron is considered a blue-listed species-at-risk in British Columbia. An average bird stands about one metre tall, has a wing span of 180 cm and can live as long as 17 years. Reports of herons nesting in Stanley Park were first documented in the mid 1920s and although the herons have been regular inhabitants of the park, they have tended to migrate from one area of the park to another over the years. Predators include bald eagles, raccoons and owls.” The Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) monitors the herons throughout the nesting season and has an Adopt-a-Nest program.

Photo by Leonard Frank. City of Vancouver Archives, ca.1920. Caption: “Herons in nests at Stanley Park”. CVA 677-104