Upcoming Stanley Park History Group’s Historical Walking Tours & Events

CALENDAR –  FALL & WINTER Historical Walking Tours 2015

Sunday November 29, 2015 –  From Whoi Whoi to Chaythoos Historical Walking Tour
Sunday December 27, 2015 – Stanley Park’s Secrets Historical Walking Tour

TOUR # 7    Sunday November 29, 2015 
From Whoi Whoi to Chaythoos Historical Walking Tour
1:00pm – 2:30pm
Meet at the concession stand at Lumbermen’s Arch
How to get to Lumbermen’s Arch: from the #19 city bus loop, located by the Stanley Park Miniature Train parking lot, it is a five minute walk north – toward Burrard Inlet, past the tall Japanese Canadian Memorial column. (There is a good Park map at the #19 bus loop).
Drop-in only, rain or shine. $10 cash per person. Tour returns to Lumbermen’s Arch.

This tour begins on the orignal site of the village of Whoi Whoi (later called Lumbermen’s Arch) and covers a 100 years of history that took place there, from 1870-1970. Like its enormous clam midden, this location has layers and layers of history: from potlatches, the original Arch, animal paddocks and green houses…. to Labour Day demonstrations & protests, Easter Be-Ins and Punk Rock concerts. We then follow the seawall west and hear what early life on Burrard Inlet was like when Vancouver was still a saw milltown, 1860’s-1890’s. Shortly before Lions Gate Bridge we reach Chaythoos, where on this high bank, lived descendents of the great chief Khahtsahlano. It was also the site of the original opening ceremonies of Stanley Park in 1888, and again by Lord Stanley the following year… (where is that lost Cairn?). It is where Vancouver’s original fresh drinking water pipeline from the North Shore first reached the City in 1888 and home to the Harris family living in the “water works cottage at the end of Pipe Line Road”. The tour includes rare historical photographs and maps.

People on beach in front of Lumbermen’s Arch on the shores of Burrard Inlet, Stanley Park, ca 1913. Photo: Vancouver Archives SGN 1589.

8 foot deep clam midden at Whoi Whoi/Lumbermen’s Arch being dug up to surface the Stanley Park Road, 1888. Photo: Vancouver Archives SGN 91

People viewing deer in paddock near Lumbermen’s Arch (in background), ca. 1916. Photo: Vancouver Archives SGN 1594

Totem poles at Lumbermen’s Arch, ca 1935, before they were moved to Brockton Point. Photo: Vancouver Archives St Pk P196

August Jack Khahtsahlano, 1936. Photo: Vancouver Archives Port P954

A spring of 1888 picnic at Chaythoos “Indian clearing”. before Stanley Park opened and before the Park Road was built. Includes “leading citizens” family members and governesses: Cambie, Tatlow, Alexander, Abbott, Crease, Cameron, Spinks, Sewell, etc… Photo: Vancouver Archives Port P475.

Near the foot of Stanley Park’s Pipeline Road. Diver Richard Thomas Llewellyn and Frank Harris (& possibly the Harris family members too) preparing to inspect a broken water main in Burrard Inlet’s First Narrows, 1890. Photo: Vancouver Archives Port P162

The Water Works cottage, gazebo and female cyclist at the end of Pipe Line Road, overlooking Burrad Inlet and the North Shore mountains, ca. 1910. Photo: Vancouver Archives St Pk P273

Eastern view of the First Narrows showing the site of Chaythoos, later the Waterworks cottage in Stanley Park, 1926. Photo: Vancouver Archives PAN N90

Waterworks house (Harris family home) over looking Burrard Inlet and the North Shore, at end of Pipe Line Road in Stanley Park, ca 1900. Original site of Chaythoos. Photo: Vancouver Archives SGN 977

Group of women and men assembled for a picnic on the lawn in front of the Vancouver Waterworks Company house in Stanley Park, ca 1890. Photo: Vancouver Archives SGN 175B


TOUR # 8  Sunday December 27, 2015
Stanley Park’s Secrets Historical Walking Tour
1:00pm – 2:30pm
There are countless mysteries, myths & misconceptions about the history of Stanley Park. On this tour, discover many of those hidden stories about the “Jewel of Vancouver.” The tour includes rare historical photographs.
Meet at the viewing plaza overlooking Lost Lagoon at the foot of Alberni St. (at Chilco St). $10 cash per person and drop-in only.



Tours depart from various locations & have various starting times.
All tickets are $10 cash (exact change is helpful). Part proceeds go to the Stanley Park Ecology Society.  Allow extra time for tour registration, traffic, parking and the bus. Tours run rain or shine. Please wear appropriate clothing & footwear as we may be walking on grass, trails and some uneven ground at times. All tours feature rare historical photographs.
Tours are presented by historical interpreter Jolene Cumming. 2015 marks Jolene’s 12th anniversary of presenting Stanley Park historical walking tours and events.
*Tours may be subject to change. Please check this site regularly.
Here’s a link to a Stanley Park Map

Plan showing land occupied in Stanley Park near Brockton Point, ca. 1923. City of Vancouver Archives, CVA Map 6